• Kemba 

    BET x MPI Originals

    BET and MPI Original Films taps Elvire Emanuelle for the upcoming 2023 feature film, KEMBA, Directed by the Student Academy and SXSW award winning Director, Kelley Kali, (LALO'S HOUSE, I'M FINE THANKS FOR ASKING). KEMBA is based on the true story of Kemba Smith.


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  • First Match

    Netflix Original


    FIRST MATCH premieres at South by Southwest winning the Audience Choice Award, Gamechanger Award and being nominated for the Grand Jury Award.



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  • Deadline

    "A star is born performance... this movie belongs to Emanuelle, who is clearly a star in the making. Her athletic prowess is impressive, but not nearly as much as what she is able to bring to the heartbreaking world of Monique. "


    Los Angeles Times

    "it all works because of Emanuelle. The actress is a tightly wound bundle of raw nerves, exposing each dimension of the teen’s emotions as she moves from sullen to fierce to vulnerable. "


    Refinery 29

    "Once in a while, a movie comes along with a breakout star so impressive, you just know they're going to make waves. Mark my words, this year that movie is First Match, and that star is newcomer



    "a defiance the excellent Emanuelle channels even in the way she walks. ...Emanuelle manages to make us care about this bullying girl without pleading for sympathy. The tougher her character acts, the more we appreciate her show of bravado."


    New York Times

    “…played with vivid ferocity ...Emanuelle’s performance as Mo is certainly spectacular...”



    "Emanuelle’s nuanced performance plays Mo’s tenacity with the pulse of desperation, an itching desire to be loved thrumming beneath the surface of her every impulse and decision."


    Hollywood Reporter

    "Emanuelle’s shifts in body language and demeanor make Mo’s navigation of all this compelling."


    Entertainment Voice

    "Featuring a star-making performance by Elvire Emanuelle as Monique ...Emanuelle exhibits the same sense of filmic fierceness all throughout “First Match” that’s been projected by the likes of Charlize Theron in “Fury Road” and “Atomic Blonde,” and Taraji P. Henson in “Smokin’ Aces” and “Proud Mary” — it wouldn’t be surprising to see her land an action heroine role in the near future."



    "Elvire Emanuelle breathes life into this character"


    "It’s rare that a sports drama can affect me in any meaningful way. ...The dichotomy of choices is presented enthrallingly through Monique, herself a fascinating, multi-faceted character played beautifully by Emanuelle."


    USA Today

    USA Today | Inclusion riders make 'First Match' a game-changing Netflix film



    "raw and beautifully well-realized,"


    Daily Journal

    "Emanuelle gives a stunning performance of what it means to stay strong and persistent when the world around hands you nothing but hardships."


    Refinery 29

    "Some movies just sneak up on you. You think you’re settling in for a chill hour and a half of distraction, and you end up talking of nothing else for a week. First Match is like that."


    Refinery 29

    "Newcomer Emanuelle gives a deeply personal performance..."



    "rising star Elvire Emanuelle plays Monique"

    First Match’ Filmmaker & Cast Champion Strong Representation Of Women In Coming-Of-Age Wrestling Film — SXSW



    "First Match is another in a long and impressive list of breakout independent features that were initially developed as short films."


    Daily Dot

    "Elvire Emanuelle anchors ‘First Match,’ one of Netflix’s best new films"



    "Emanuelle’s excellent performance, leads to sympathy for Monique’s terrible choices."



    The 50 Most Anticipated American Films of 2018



    First Match is chosen as "What to Watch" in the April 2018 issue.


    Entertainment Weekly

    First Match is chosen as a "Top Pick" in the March 28, 2018 issue.

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    Win Audience Choice Award

    Narrative Feature -

    South by Southwest 2018



    Win Gamechanger Award

    Narrative Feature -

    South by Southwest 2018



    Nomination Grand Jury Award

    Narrative Feature -

    South by Southwest 2018




    Win Best Supporting Actress Award 2012

    Dramatic Play - New Times











    Work Collective



    FIRST MATCH Trailer



    SXSW Deadline Studio Interview



    FIRST MATCH Stills and Media







    By Danai Gurira 

    The Women's Theatre Project


    "Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Play" Winner - New Times