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  • "A star is born performance

    ...this movie belongs to Emanuelle"

    - Deadline


    "Emanuelle’s performance as Mo is certainly spectacular...”

    - New York Times



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    Elvire Emanuelle is an Actress known for her debut lead role as Monique in the critically acclaimed feature film, FIRST MATCH, produced by Netflix. FIRST MATCH premiered in competition at South by Southwest 2018, winning the Audience Choice Award and the Gamechanger Award and being nominated for the Grand Jury Award. FIRST MATCH was written and directed by Olivia Newman (FIRST MATCH, WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING) and it was produced by Bryan Unkeless (I, TONYA, THE HUNGER GAMES) Chanelle Elaine (COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS) and Veronica Nickel (MOONLIGHT).


    Elvire's performance impressed audiences, with Deadline noting her as a "Star in the Making" and Refinery 29 noting her performance as one of the “best performances by women” in film in 2018. In her first Actor's Equity Association role she played The Girl in Dania Gurira's play, Eclipsed, at The Women's Theatre Project, earning her that year's Best Supporting Actress Award from the New Times.


    Elvire trained at the Wynn Handman Studio in New York City with renowned acting teacher, Wynn Handman. Born of Haitian immigrants, Elvire chose acting out of love and how important storytelling is to our world. She is compelled to messages of light.


    Elvire is currently in preproduction for the feature film KEMBA. KEMBA will be directed by Kelley Kali, known for her Student Academy winning film LALO's HOUSE and SXSW award winning film I'M FINE (THANKS FOR ASKING).



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